william griffin c s lewis

A truly livable and decidedly witty lay spirituality from the most amusing Christian intellectual of our time.From his autobiography, Surprised by Joy, and children's classics, The Chronicles of Narnia; from his poems and novels; from his literary criticism and theological explorations C. S. Lewis has laid down, albeit unwittingly, a spirituality that the ""mere Christian""--something of an invention of Lewis's--can live with from Monday through Saturday. On Sunday Lewis would expect the mere Christian to be in his or her own church.In this book, Bill Griffin, renowned Lewis scholar and biographer, captures the spirituality from Lewis's own writings and presents it in a manner reminiscent of Lewis's own.""Few people today could have accomplished what William Griffin has done in this work. He has exegeted for us a central feature of the life and thinking of C. S. Lewis, namely, his spirituality . . . and he has done it with zest and aplomb. I commend it to you.""--Richard Foster, founder of Renovare, a Christian renewal para-Church organizationWilliam Griffin, author of the biography Clive Staples Lewis: A Dramatic Life, is an editor, novelist, journalist, literary agent, and publishing consultant. He has anthologized the works of not only C. S. Lewis but also J. B. Phillips. Dorothy L. Sayers, Fulton J. Sheen, and Billy Graham.

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