vui soon chok compartmented fluidized bed gasifier

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This work investigated the effect of Lafia-Obi coal particle sizes on fluidized bed combustor temperature, emission characteristics and coal ash content at various operating conditions. This was with a view to determining the suitability of Lafia-Obi coal in electrical power generation. Samples of coal were obtained from natural deposits in Lafia, Obi Local Government of Nassarawa state. Proximate and ultimate analyses of the sample were carried out using standard methods to determine the carbon, ash, volatile matter, and moisture content of the coal. The calorific value of the coal was determined using a bomb calorimeter, after which the coal was combusted in a fluidized bed. The results showed that Lafia-Obi coal had 2.91wt % moisture, 27.19 % volatile matter, 18.62 wt % ash and 51.28 wt % fixed carbon content. The volatile matter content, placed Lafia-Obi in the medium-volatile bituminous rank. The characteristic quantities of gas measured from the bench-scale FBC included a mean NOx emission of 455.35, 376.69, 323.35and 277.35 ppm for coal feed sizes of 10, 15, 20 and 25 mm respectively. The study concluded that Lafia-Obi coal in a FBC is suitable for power generation