richard wentk cocoa

Cocoa contribution to Nigeria Gross Domestic Product was very high in the 70s before oil was discovered. After the discovery, agriculture was abandoned and government attention at all levels shifted to oil production. This affected all aspects agricultural sector including cocoa industry in Nigeria. This situation resulted in abandonment, old age and low yield of cocoa trees. Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria developed different Cocoa Rehabilitation Techniques (CRTs) to revitalize cocoa industry in Nigeria and help farmers increase yield from their old cocoa farms. This book therefore, provides information on cocoa farmers training on CRTs, level of adoption of various rehabilitation techniques, information sources to cocoa farmers on cocoa rehabilitation, farmers’ implementation accuracy of cocoa rehabilitation techniques and factors affecting adoption of cocoa rehabilitation techniques in Nigeria. The book also provides information on the constraints militating against farmers in the rehabilitation of their cocoa farms. The book contents will be useful to cocoa experts in cocoa producing countries, extension professionals, agricultural consultant firms and farmers’organization

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