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peer tutoring in higher education

This second edition offers a practical training guide for college students who serve as leaders, tutors, counselors, or advisors for their peers. This thoroughly revised and updated volume contains a fundamental discussion on student growth and development and provides learning objectives and self-discovery exercises to help student leaders with tasks such as tutoring, student orientation, residence hall advising, crisis intervention, coaching, and more. Students Helping Students includes: Updates on the most current research and the latest advances in technology A revised model that contains service learning and student retention programs The results of two intervention strategies: the Health Behaviors Assessment and the College Learning Effectiveness Inventory, which focus on the topics of wellness and academic success Descriptive overviews of peer programs addressing sexuality, safety, violence reduction, residence life, online peer connections, and more Praise for the Second Edition of Students Helping Students «This new work remains the definitive standard in the field. It should be on the bookshelf of every student affairs professional and is an important tool for preparing peer educators for providing service.»—Ernest Pascarella, professor and Mary Louise Petersen Chair in Higher Education, University of Iowa «The second edition of Students Helping Students teems with useful material that can be thoughtfully applied by peer helpers. The what, so what, and now what framework reflectively guides the reader to self-discovery and thoughtful practical applications. Being a peer helper is a high-impact learning experience made intentional through the pages of this fine book.»—Susan R. Komives, professor of college student personnel, University of Maryland and president, Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education

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