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paul rosen framing production – technology culture

Master's Thesis from the year 2012 in the subject Biology - Zoology, grade: B, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Animal Science - Norwegian University of Life Sciences), course: Aquaculture - Tilapia, language: English, abstract: This literature review has been written to examine different tilapia farming practises both in semi-intensive and extensive systems. Extensive culture is not mentioned sine it is not considered to be a real commercial production as the control over the system is quite limited and even semi-intensive system is being replaced by intensive system due to technological developments, high demand and increasing market prices of tilapa. In first chapter, environmental and nutritional requirements are also mentioned as they are closely correlated play a key role in a succesful production. The results of some recent studies and experiments suggest that tilapia has some superiority over other culture fish like faster growth, ability to utilize different feeds, wide tolerance for high stocking densities and environmental conditions. In addition to these advantages, tilapia do very well in integrated culture systemsboth with aquatic species; carp and shrimps, also crops like tomato and lettuce as well. As a result this study is conducted to prove the advantages of commercialtilapia production covering economic values.

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