mohamed sayed abou el seoud household saving does it matter to bahrain

Kingdom of Bahrain is one of the GCC countries. It has some unique features, it is a small open economy; relatively low populated country and high of financial surplus. Household saving in Bahrain represents an integral part of national savings, and the most important source of funds to finance capital investment in the real sector. The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of household saving on economic growth in Bahrain by employing some econometric techniques. The shortage of studies and research on the current issue has urged and motivated the author to conduct this study. The book in your hand consists of six chapters, including overview of the meaning of economic growth and saving,related literature review, methodology, data description, econometric analyses, and the discussion of empirical results. This work may help to shed some light on the extent of the impact of household saving not only on Bahrain but also on the other countries. In addition, it would be very useful to professionals in the field of socio-planning together with policy/decision makers and students who show interest in economic analysis and econometric models

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