medicinal properties of gmelina arborea leaves

Nursery condition and on field interpretation of RGP and heritability of G. arborea has been explored. Planting stock with high RGP survive and performed better on site than those with low RGP. Narrow sense heritability estimates for various seedling and plant morphological characteristics are all relatively high. Highest genetic control appears to be in FOLR (h2=0.8929) in seedling state while tree height (h2=0.98) in field condition after a year. Mono-corn crops significantly higher in grain yield than corn planted along alleys of Gmelina at various spacing and RGP classes for the 2nd cropping. First cropping did not show significant variations of grain yield as influenced by tree spacing. On the other hand, RGP classes trim down yield significantly in both cropping periods. The estimated carbon storage of the farming system in 1 year amounts to 2.53Mg/ha. The scientific experiment and statistical analysis and interpretations in this book may help research and extension practitioners, students and farmers or anyone who may consider and utilize the findings of this endeavor.

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