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leonard kamau mixed methods research

A volume in Research on Stress and Coping in EducationGordon S. Gates, Walter H. Gmelch, and Mimi Wolverton, Series EditorsResearch on stress and coping phenomena has been among the most widely studied topics insocial and behavioral sciences during the past several decades. Notwithstanding, the authors in this bookhave expanded the base of stress and coping research by providing a valuable reference source thatincludes guidelines and frameworks as well as empirical findings related to the application of mixedmethods approaches to the study of stress and coping.This book is intended not only for stress and coping researchers, but also for social andbehavioral science researchers at various levels-from students, instructors, and advisors to appliedresearchers, research methodologists, and theorists. The 15 chapters are divided into three distinct sections.The five chapters in Section I focus mainly on topics pertaining to the conceptual and theoretical aspects ofmixed methods research in the study of stress and coping. The five chapters in Section II address the majormethodological issues of mixed methods research. Section III presents five empirical studies of mixedmethods research as applied to the field of stress and coping.This book illustrates the perspectives of innovative interconnections in the application of mixed methods research to the study of stress andcoping. It also provides readers with new ways of designing and evaluating strategies and programs that aim to red...

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