inclusion without boundaries

The worldwide trend of inclusive education movement has frequently confined the practices of inclusion in general schools. However, no country at present is known to educate all students without the co- existence of some types of special schools. Existing literature on concepts, policies, and practices of inclusive education typically assumes the position that inclusive education refers to education in general school settings. Education policies for special needs students in Hong Kong also confine inclusive education within general schools. Based on data collected from the three secondary schools designated with the special dual mission of serving students with severe learning disabilities and their non-disabled peers, this book argues that inclusion is fundamentally the full acceptance of all students, striving to meet their needs and leading to a sense of belonging within the school community. The analyses pinpointed a need to re-conceptualize inclusive education and to establish an all-inclusive education system. More importantly, it led to the conclusion that equity, not equality, should be in the center of service provisions to students with disabilities.

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