g l meena and d k jain impact of dairy cooperatives on the economy of rural households

Provides the most recent developments in microscopy techniques and types of analysis used to study the microstructure of dairy products This comprehensive and timely text focuses on the microstructure analyses of dairy products as well as on detailed microstructural aspects of them. Featuring contributions from a global team of experts, it offers great insight into the understanding of different phenomena that relate to the functional and biochemical changes during processing and subsequent storage. Structured into two parts, Microstructure of Dairy Products begins with an overview of microscopy techniques and software used for microstructural analyses. It discusses, in detail, different types of the following techniques, such as: light microscopy (including bright field, polarized, and confocal scanning laser microscopy) and electron microscopy (mainly scanning and transmission electron microscopy). The description of these techniques also includes the staining procedures and sample preparation methods developed. Emerging microscopy techniques are also covered, reflecting the latest advances in this field. Part 2 of the book focuses on the microstructure of various dairy foods, dividing each into sections related to the microstructure of milk, cheeses, yogurts, powders, and fat products, ice cream and frozen dairy desserts, dairy powders and selected traditional Indian dairy products. In addition, there is a review of the localization of microorganism within the microstructure of various dairy products. The last chapter discusses the challenges and future trends of the microstructure of dairy products. Presents complete coverage of the latest developments in dairy product microscopy techniques Details the use of microscopy techniques in structural analysis An essential purchase for companies, researchers, and other professionals in the dairy sector Microstructure of Dairy Products is an excellent resource for food scientists, technologists, and chemists—and physicists, rheologists, and microscopists—who deal in dairy products.

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