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emmanuel chukwunonyem intra industry trade in the ecowas

Using a unique, question-based format, Global Trade Policy offers accessible coverage of the key questions in trade and policy; it charts the changing policy landscape and evolving institutional arrangements for trade policies, examines trade theory, and provides students with an economic framework to better understand the current issues in national and international trade policy. Uses a unique, question-based format to explore the questions and current debates in international trade policy and their implications Explores trade theory to help guide discussions of trade policy, including traditional theories of inter-industry trade, as well as newer theories of intra-industry and intra-firm trade Examines the national and international effects of widely used policies designed to directly and indirectly affect trade, and considers the evolving institutional arrangements for these Charts the changing policy landscape from traditional trade policies – such as tariffs, quantitative restrictions, and export subsidies – to those including intellectual property rights, labor, the environment, and growth and development policies Covers national as well as global perspectives and their interaction, helping to explain opposing views on trade policy and liberalization Includes applied exercises enabling students to explore open-ended and realistic questions of policy debate, making it ideal for classroom use; an instructor’s manual and a range of other resources are available at www.wiley.com/go/globaltradepolicy

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