edward de bono six thinking hats

Anyone can join the positive revolution. All you need is creativity. Historically, revolutions have been negative – defining, overthrowing or destroying an enemy, fuelled by a sense of mission and direction. After victory, however, this energy often races on, causing factionalism and strife among the victors. The positive revolution also has energy and direction, but its opponents are entrenched patterns in thought.Progress, maintains Edward de Bono – whether on a personal or global scale – depends on thinking and behaviour that are positive and constructive. The world today is undergoing dramatic, often violent changes, and human behaviour is frequently shaped by guilt and negativity. To lift this dark cloud and create positive revolution, we need to rely more on humour, a key element in changing perception.In this inspiring book, Edward de Bono demonstrates clearly and simply how we can learn to think and interact constructively, efficiently and with respect for core human values.

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