controlling volatile emissions at hazardous waste sites

A comprehensive guide for both fundamentals and real-world applications of environmental engineering Written by noted experts, Handbook of Environmental Engineering offers a comprehensive guide to environmental engineers who desire to contribute to mitigating problems, such as flooding, caused by extreme weather events, protecting populations in coastal areas threatened by rising sea levels, reducing illnesses caused by polluted air, soil, and water from improperly regulated industrial and transportation activities, promoting the safety of the food supply. Contributors not only cover such timely environmental topics related to soils, water, and air, minimizing pollution created by industrial plants and processes, and managing wastewater, hazardous, solid, and other industrial wastes, but also treat such vital topics as porous pavement design, aerosol measurements, noise pollution control, and industrial waste auditing. This important handbook: Enables environmental engineers to treat problems in systematic ways Discusses climate issues in ways useful for environmental engineers Covers up-to-date measurement techniques important in environmental engineering Reviews current developments in environmental law for environmental engineers Includes information on water quality and wastewater engineering Informs environmental engineers about methods of dealing with industrial and municipal waste, including hazardous waste Designed for use by practitioners, students, and researchers, Handbook of Environmental Engineering contains the most recent information to enable a clear understanding of major environmental issues.

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