cicek volkan corrosion chemistry

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Corrosion costs billions of dollars to each and every single economy in the world. Corrosion is a chemical process, and it is crucial to understand the dynamics from a chemical perspective before proceeding with analyses, designs and solutions from an engineering aspect. The opposite is also true in the sense that scientists should take into consideration the contemporary aspects of the issue as it relates to the daily life before proceeding with specifically designed theoretical solutions. Corrosion Engineering is advised to both theoreticians and practitioners of corrosion alike. Corrosion engineering is a joint discipline associated primarily with major engineering sciences such as chemical engineering, civil engineering, petroleum engineering, mechanical engineering, metallurgical engineering, mining engineering among others and major fundamental sciences such as sub-disciplines of physical, inorganic and analytical chemistry as well as physics and biology, such as electrochemistry, surface chemistry, surface physics, solution chemistry, solid state chemistry and solid state physics, microbiology, and others. Corrosion Engineering is a must-have reference book for the engineer in the field that covers the corrosion process with its contemporary aspects with respect to both of its scientific and engineering aspects. It is also a valuable textbook that could be used in an engineering or scientific course on corrosion at the university level.