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bill willingham fables the deluxe edition book 8

The Willingham case, now over twenty-one years old, set off an explosive and seemingly unending firestorm of controversy over the validity and sufficiency of fire investigation techniques, fire/explosion expert opinions and scientific knowledge used and admitted in criminal prosecutions involving fires of unknown origin or cause. As a result, the Willingham case, replete with mystery, death, and scandal, is the paramount convergence of fire science, capital punishment, and politics: a powder keg of arguably misinterpreted and outdated science, alleged conspiracy and political cover-up. Thus, much has been made about mistakes and questions in the Willingham case, but there has been little focus on the sufficiency of evidence found within the record. The search has morphed from a journey of law and justice, into a journey of misrepresentation and publicity. Yet, the truth in the Cameron Todd Willingham case lies beyond the evolution of fire science, beyond the smoke screen of expert opinions, and beyond the hand-picked media sound bites. The truth in the Cameron Todd Willingham case is found where the case began: sifting the ashes and in the words and actions of Willingham himself.

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