bailey s democracy

Democracy is arguably the best and most popular system of governance in modern times. Hence claims to democracy have become general phenomena across the world. This work primarily appraises Nigeria's claim to democracy. It argues that democracy is a participatory and accountable system of governance because it offers to everybody the right to participate in and hold the government accountable. While discountenancing the traditional ideological classification of democracy as merely liberal-capitalist or socialist, it posits that real democracy is one that is both liberal and social. It predicates and assesses Nigeria's democracy on ideological, legal and empirical foundations and posits that it is inadequately founded. Consequently, it advocates socio-liberal democracy for Nigeria because of its participatory, accountable and mutually reinforcing socio-political and economic benefits for all. Though its primary concern is with the assessment of Nigeria's democracy, its unique method of analysis and general discourse on democracy offer valuable insights into the real world of democracy. It is, therefore, highly recommended for experts and students of democracy and the general public.

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