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Mary Denk Tolentino-Duprey was born into a family of ten, with seven brothers and two sisters, in a little town called Whispering Pines. In the midst of poverty, she and her family struggled against the odds in the face of adversities daily. They were held together by a common thread, the love their mother and grandmother had for each of them. In Furnace of Affliction, Tolentino-Duprey shares her story. Her observations from childhood experiences are written in simple, detailed descriptions that reveal the love she had for God, her family, and nature, which overpowered the bleak days and nights of darkness, cold, and hunger. She tells how a whole new world opened up after living with another family for six months. Filled with positive and inspiring messages, Furnace of Affliction narrates anecdotes from Tolentino-Duprey's young life, and she discusses how God helped carry her through the difficult and challenging times.